ABOUT Riggid Tactical


My name is Jonathan Riggins but most everyone calls me Riggins. I am a 12 year veteran of the Air Force (4 Active Duty and 8 Reserves) and currently working full time as a military contractor for the Navy/Marines. At the same time I am also going to school full time for a BS in Cyber Security. 

What is Riggid Tactical?

Riggid Tactical is the rebrand and expansion of my social media account that was originally focused on photography of guns, knives, and tactical gear. The rebranding process involved the creation of a logo inspired by the name "Riggid Tactical," cleverly derived from my name. Additionally, the expansion encompassed the establishment of a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and a dedicated website to further promote the brand. The main aim of the rebrand is to recharge and explore fresh possibilities for content creation on my channel. In the past, photos took the spotlight, but now it's time to embrace videos (Short form, Vlogs, Reviews, etc).

Why the change now?

After attending Palmetto State Armory's The Gathering in 2023, I met Justin from Cerebral Firearms. We did a lot of talking about the firearms industry and social media. He convinced me that I HAD to start a youtube channel. So I decided to go all in with the rebrand and starting a Youtube channel. 

Around this same time I had decided to dip my foot into competitive shooting. I was invited to come out and watch an IDPA match and I was instantly hooked! Shooting IDPA would not only give me the opportunity for content but would also link me up with like minded individuals. I started shooting every possible match I could find within a few hours of me. After my first big match, the tier 3 Rollin on the River IDPA Championship, I had a crazy idea. Could I shoot enough big matches to qualify for the National Championship in 2024? I looked at my calendar (full time contractor and full time school) and started to build a schedule. With a schedule built, I had to start thinking about the finances of such an endeavor. I'll be honest sitting here a week away (7/22/23) from the start of "my season" I don't know if I'll be able to afford every trip I have planned. Between ammo, match fees, gas, hotel, boarding for my dog, food, and maintaining my vehicle with the extra miles I'll be putting on it, the cost adds up. I am hopeful to find some companies to work with that may be able to help with some of these costs in the future but that is far from a guarantee. That is one reason why the rebrand and my social media is so important. If a company takes a shot on me, I want to provide them with the benefit of representing them at all the matches I shoot but also every day through my Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and RiggidTactical.com. 

What are your goals?

Goals for the rebrand

Goals for IDPA in 2024 (Updated 2/20/24)

Professional Goals